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Bathroom Safety Spasm price Special sale item Handicap Grab Shower Chrom 18-Inch Bar

Bathroom Safety Handicap Grab Bar, 18-Inch Shower Grab Bar Chrom


Bathroom Safety Handicap Grab Bar, 18-Inch Shower Grab Bar Chrom


Product description


Welcome to our store:
This product is especially suitable for the elderly and children, pregnant women, disabled people
▲The elderly need our care. Now, when we take care of them, using the bathroom can save more effort.
▲For those who are inconvenient and need more attention, let our passionate love pass to them and let them feel our love.
▲Pregnant women miracle pregnant, this is a warm moment, every step of the mother needs to be careful.
Our Bath Grab is not only a Safety Support Handle, but also a towel holder! It could hange your towel, bathrobe or clothes in your bathroom! It could be a coat hanger in your hall and bedroom!

- Fast and Strong Installation - In the box you’ll find screws and Allen key, needed for installation. We will send you clear instructions how to install your item.

Shower Grab Bar. Product Name: Shower Support Grab Bar
Shower Grab Bar. Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Shower Grab Bar. Color: Silver
Shower Grab Bar. Carrying Capacity: 200 kg
Shower Grab Bar. Size: 30CM , 35CM , 45CM , 55CM , 65CM , 85CM , 105CM
Shower Grab Bar. Installation method: Wall Mount
Applicable people: the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women and children.
Scope : family, hotel, bathroom, bathroom, Kitchen, stairs, corridor,public places, etc.

★[We pursue product quality]
●Create a craftsmanship with your heart
High-quality alloys are not only the length of use, but also the desire of people for their well-being. The security of customer service is our best answer.
● elegant and beautiful
Beautiful and elegant, both the bathroom and the bathroom provide a comfortable space and a different experience.

1. This product only contains handrails, and other decorations in the picture are not included.
2.Measurement error within1-2 cm is normal
Thank you for your support of our products! Our mission is

Bathroom Safety Handicap Grab Bar, 18-Inch Shower Grab Bar Chrom

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